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TowForceOne Tow-bar


Towbars are used for wake, ski and tube. Towbars have proven its succes with watersports. No matter whether you’re in for some fun or like to ride the edge and improve your performance.



Keeps the rope away from the propeller and outside your boat for increased safety.

Unequaled manoeuverability and course stability

Directs the towforce towards a point well ahead of the boat’s transom.
The result: an unequaled manoeuverability and course stability (even at minimum speed and maximum traverse tow load).
Allowing to keep your focus on towing instead of controlling your boat.

Additional protection

Offers additional protection of your outboardmotor against impact.

Fuel efficiency

The use of a towbar increases full efficiency, money and fun.



The FUN-series consists of 3 models with 2 bracketsizes.
Determine the right towbar by the power and model of your outboardmotor.


TowForceOne FUN-series towbar can handle a serious towload up to 300kgf.


Installation is extremely easy. TowForceOne towbars come with pre-assembled mounts, ready for installation.
A TowForceOne set consists of:
• Towbar
• Compact patented brackets
• Fasteners
• TowRoller
• Manual



The TowForceOne FUN towbars are made out of corrosion resistant 316 steel and virtually maintenance free.


TowForceOne towbars are covered with a 2 year no hassle warranty.


Which TowForceOne for my outboard motor(s)?

The TowForceOne is available for most outboard motors from 50 to 250HP (FUN 350HP).
The mount fit on the motor bracket. For smaller outboard motors or sterndrives a TowForceOne transom mount is the best solution. Let our product selector help you to find the right TowForceOne.

How do I select the correct TowForceOne?

You’ll find the right TowForceOne by selecting the application, the engine brand and the horsepower. Our online configurator will guide you or if you prefer personal contact you can call TowForceOne at +31 (0)184-615800.

Are there also TowForceOnes models for twin motors?

No, it is in engineering phase. Leave a message and we’ll let you know when a TowForceOne Double is available.

What is the maximum power that can be handled by the TowForceOne?

The TowForceOne FUN can be used with outboard motors up to 350HP, the TowForceOne PRO is rated up to 250HP.

Every TowForceOne comes complete with:
  • towbar
  • pre-assembled mounts
  • towroller
  • towstoppers
  • fasteners

and step-by-step manual.

Where to buy?

TowForceOne products can be bought through selected retailers or in our webshop. All orders will be proceeded through selected partners.

Is the TowForceOne safe ?

The TowForceOne is safe. The Towbar is made of strong stainless steel and the TowRoller frame is one-piece. Because the TowForceOne keeps the tow line outside your boat and supports the tow line around the outboard there hardly no risk of chafing or hooking.

What material is the TowForceOne made of?

All parts of the TowForceOne FUN are made of corrosion resistant marine grade 316 stainless steel.
The TowForceOne PRO which is meant for commercial use is made of Duplex stainless steel.
The TowRoller pulley is made out of UV-resistant Delrin.

How much can I tow with the TowForceOne?

The maximum load for the TowForceOne FUN-series is up to 300kg (3 persons). The TowForceOne PRO is rated for a maximum towload of 500kgf.

When to use a universal or compact mount.

The universal mount offers maximum support because of it’s height. Certain engines however have a motorbracket with a small recessed mounting area. In this case TowForceOne offers a compact mount. You’ll find the right mount in our productselector.

Can I install the TowForceOne myself ?

In most situations the TowForceOne is installed by the outboard dealer. Having a technical background the TowForceOne is easy to install.

Do I have to make holes in my boat

The TowForceOne mounts will be mounted on to the motor bracket. The holders are universal, therefore the holes in the holders match the holes in the motor bracket.
The main bolts at the top of the motor bracket that are already present will be used (check the manual of your outboard to make sure this bolts can be re-used). On each side you’ll have to add an extra bolt for  stabilization. This stabilization bolt will be installed in one of the pre-drilled bolt holes (check the installation manual).

Do I need to reinforce the hull?

No. The transom is the strongest structure of the boat; this is where not only the motor but also the TowForceOne will be mounted. Reinforcement with epoxy and/or other structural reinforcement is unnecessary.

Does the TowForceOne’s stainless steel construction influence my aluminium motor or boat (dissimilar metals)?

Your boat’s outboard motor also contains stainless steel parts and is therefore equipped with anodes for cathodic protection. The motor also contains stainless steel parts and is therefore equipped with anodes for cathodic protection. Ensure that the anodes are always in good condition to avoid galvanic corrosion. The installation of the TowForceOne can lead to the sacrificial anodes shrinking more quickly, therefore, check them regularly.

What is the maximum that the TowForceOne can tow?

With TowForceOne you can tow a maximum of 600 pounds: up to 3 skiers or 1 inflatable. For commercial towing purposes we recommend the TowForceOne PRO to be used.

Can multiple skiers/ boards be towed by the TowForceOne?

Yes, this is possible with a separate pulley for each person so that they can ski and/ or board independently.

Is the TowForceOne guaranteed?

Yes, TowForceOne gives a full 24-month guarantee on all parts, as long as you abide by the proper installation and use as detailed in the owner’s manual.

Is there a TowForceOne warranty?

Yes, click here to read the warranty.



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